We perform a variety of land surveys including ALTA, title insurance, boundary, cadastral, lot split, court exhibit, judicial, elevation, floodplain and site plan surveys.
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Improvement location reports are used by financial institutions in order to insure a piece of land or determine its value.
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We have skilled property surveyors that can come out to your property and conduct a boundary survey. A boundary survey established the property lines of the property in question.
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We serve Albuquerque, NM. We provide free consultations!.

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Welcome to The Survey Office

Improvement Location Report in Albuquerque, NM

The Survey Office conducts all types of land surveys including, boundary surveys, cadastral surveys, split lot surveys, judicial surveys, elevation surveys and floodplain surveys.

We also perform land inspection reports. We have skilled land surveyors and property surveyors that can help you precisely determine the property lines and boundaries of your property. We can perform lot spit surveys and elevation surveys as well as ALTA surveys. We employ licensed, professional, experienced and prompt land surveyors. We understand that when you call for a survey, you need it done in a timely and accurate manner so that you can complete your project, and we are dedicated to making sure that we perform your surveys correctly the first time so that you can continue with your plans for the land.

ALTA Surveys

ALTA surveys are the most complex type of land survey that can be completed, and they cost the most. We are skilled at precisely completing American Land Title Association surveys. We can conduct the survey and fill out all the necessary paperwork in a timely and professional manner so that you have all the documentation you need to complete your project or improvement plans.

Boundary Surveys

We can perform boundary surveys so that you know exactly where your property lines are located.

Surveys To Split Lots

If you have a large tract of land that you need to divide into lots, we can perform the survey.

Judicial Surveys

If you need a survey performed by order of a judge, we can perform that survey and create the needed drawings and maps.

Floodplain Survey

We can perform floodplain and elevation surveys so that you can accurately determine if your building or your construction project resides in a floodplain.