| The Survey Office - Albuquerque, NM

The Survey Office does surveys for the purpose of improving land.

Improvement location reports are used by financial institutions in order to insure a piece of land or determine its value. The report contains written information about the property and a sketch of the property that includes the property boundaries, locations and size of the structures on the property, objects found on the property such as pipes and beams, nearby sidewalks and roads and the distance of the buildings and structures on the property from the property line. The drawing is drawn to scale.

Our skilled property surveyors and land surveyors can survey land and create improvement location reports for financial institutions and provide the needed descriptions and maps for the particular property.

A location improvement report is not meant for private individuals or home owners. Its sole purpose is to determine if any buildings or structures have been built over the property lines. It does not expressly determine property edges, lines or corners and cannot be used to aide in acquiring building permits or starting construction.

If you are a loan officer in charge of properties and need to request a location improvement report, contact us at 505-998-0303 to speak with one of our experienced land surveyors.