The Survey Office performs comprehensive land surveys.

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We perform a variety of land surveys including ALTA, mortgage survey, boundary, cadastral, lot split, court exhibit, judicial, elevation, floodplain and site plan surveys.

American Land Title Association (ALTA) Surveys

An American Land Title Association survey is one of the most complex land surveys you can request, and it takes professional land surveyors with experience in performing ALTA surveys to do them correctly. An ALTA survey is performed when a land title or deed is issued and mortgage insurance is requested. These surveys take weeks to perform and cost $1,000s due to the time and effort involved. Therefore, when you need al ALTA survey, it is important that you hire qualified and experienced property surveyors.

Surveys To Determine Boundaries

Whenever property lines are in dispute, a land survey is done to establish the true property lines. That survey is called a boundary survey. During a boundary survey, a professional land surveyor comes out with his survey equipment and examines the land. They use deeds, maps and the actual layout of the land to determine where the boundaries are located.

Cadastral (PLAT) Surveys

Cadastral surveys are performed when the property lines of public lands need to be re-determined. We are highly skilled at performing PLAT surveys.

Surveys For Lot Splits

Lot split surveys are used when a large piece of land needs to be divided into smaller lots or parcels. This is typically done to sell off large amounts of land or to divide land for a subdivision.

Judicial Surveys

Judicial surveys have to be ordered by a judge. The results from these types of surveys are generally used in court rooms and used as evidence.

Elevation Certificates in Albuquerque, NM and Elevation Surveys

Elevation surveys can also be used as floodplain surveys. These surveys are performed prior to construction and are used to decide whether or not a building or piece of land resides in a flood zone.

Site Plan Surveys

Site plan surveys consist of two different types of surveys. This type of survey combines a boundary survey with a topographical survey. They are very detailed and help in the planning of new buildings, roads and other structures on the land. It is also used to acquire building permits.

Land Report Inspections

These are reports about the developments on the land being surveyed. These reports note the buildings and other enhancements done to the property and determine if anything has been built outside of the boundaries of the property. These reports are used mostly by financial lenders and companies that issue property deeds and titles.